School Photos

There are so many things to love about Anna Drake’s mother’s day out program…  Firstly, the caring teachers and staff, followed closely by the wonderful families who attend the school.  I cherish the artwork she brings home…oh, and the Mother’s Day Program they perform.  Not a dry eye in the room!  But one of the highlights each fall is the school photo sessions.  When you think of “school photos” you might picture something like this:


I found that one courtesy of Ellen’s bad school photo gallery.  Hilarious!

Our little school works with AK Vogel Photography, and they couldn’t be any farther from cheesy school pics of years past.  And for twice the sitting fee, which is incredibly affordable to begin with, you can add siblings to the photo shoot!  Now, that’s awesome, right?

I’m so pleased with how Anna Drake’s photos turned out this year.


We didn’t get very many smiles out of Bear, but I want to remember all of his expressions, not just the smiles.  (He was 4 months old when these were taken.)


AK is so good with children (and during these sessions, she was nearly 9 months pregnant with her first child!)



This last one is my favorite of the two of them.  I had it made into a canvas to hang in our stairwell.  (If I haven’t already blogged about Canvas People – it’s one of my go-to online resources for canvas prints!)



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