Meet J. Hilburn

I’m excited to share some news…  I have joined J. Hilburn as a personal stylist!  If you’re not familiar, J. Hilburn is a men’s made-to-measure clothing brand, specializing in custom shirts and suits.  I’ve been trained how to measure and consult with my clients to combine the right fabrics and shirt specifications, i.e. collar, cuff, placket, pleats etc…and really cultivate their own style.  Just look at these shirts!


I love men’s fashion.  It’s something Michael and I both love actually.  And this is a great way for me to continue my full-time role as mom to Anna Drake and Bear, but have a creative outlet as well.  To launch my business, I hosted a small private event and invited family and close friends to be measured and place their first order with J. Hilburn.  It was incredibly well attended – a testament to just how wonderfully supportive and loving my family and friends are and I think it speaks to the quality of J. Hilburn and its product offering.  Here I am measuring our good friend, Bryan.


My J. Hilburn Launch Party would not have been possible without two very talented ladies from Atlanta: my friend, Dana and J. Hilburn veteran, Laura Campbell who brought a trunk full of beautiful clothes and accessories.


Dana and I were sorority sisters at the University of Florida together, and we’ve grown closer and closer as the years have passed.   Bear and her daughter, Liza are just two months apart.


Dana is also the one who inspired me to get involved with J. Hilburn.  I saw the photo below of Dana and Matt on Facebook a few months ago and quickly sent her a private message to tell her how dapper I thought Matt looked in this sharp suit and gingham shirt and polka dot tie combination.  But even more than the fabrics, the fit is awesome.


Doesn’t he look handsome???   A few things you can’t see in this photo…  All J. Hilburn custom shirts and suits are monogrammed in the interior of the collar, a subtle detail that really finishes the garment.  Beyond the fit of the shirt and the choice of collars and cuffs, every last detail is customized, including the buttons, and thread color for the button holes.



Here is a quick screen grab that shows the different options.  Don’t be overwhelmed, walking through the selection process is simple!

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.44.15 AM


If this is something that you think you or your significant other would enjoy, please feel free to contact me at and we can set up a private appointment.



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