Bear’s Sip & See

This has been the summer of parties…  From surprise birthday parties to summer soirees, they’ve all been wonderfully attended, beautifully decorated, overall “grand fetes,” including the most recent party in our dear Bear’s honor.  My dear friends, Caty and Stephanie hosted the loveliest Sip & See for our nearly 4 month old baby boy.  They included me in the planning, but I assure you, they didn’t need my help, or anyone’s for that matter.  Here we are with the guest of honor.


Rather than going with a “theme,” the pair decorated the already beautiful sunroom with white roses and blue hydrangeas (my favorite.)   It complimented the sweet invitation perfectly.  You can see it there in the left side of the frame.  The water-color of the sterling silver sippy cup featured Bear’s monogram and a delicate baby blue ribbon.

image_3 Stephanie outdid herself by making these monogrammed cookies from scratch.  Aren’t they adorable!?!

photo 2

They taste as good as they look!  We sipped mimosas and enjoyed country ham and biscuits and fresh fruit.  It was lovely and Bear was an angel!

I’m so grateful to all who attended the Sip & See.  Bear and I are very lucky to have so many special people in our lives.

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