The Four Seasons Hangover

Returning home from vacation is never easy.  Everyone is off of their schedules.  There are suitcases to unpack, groceries to buy, piles of laundry to wash, etc…  Throw in jet lag and you get the idea.  There’s truth in the saying “Re-entry’s a bitch.”

Michael and I have a term for this…  It’s called the Four Seasons Hangover.  Long gone are the bellhops shuffling to help you put together your stroller, as you maneuver out of your Uber car with your toddler and 10 week old in tow.  Long gone is room service.  Ah, room service. Fresh scrambled eggs, wheat toast, a side of crispy bacon, and bowl of fresh berries?  Yeah, get up and make them yourself.

We have found the nicer your hotel, the worse the hangover will be when you return to real life.  We just returned from San Francisco, where the historic Fairmont Hotel was “home” for five glorious days.  I never wanted to leave!  I mean, just look at the lobby…


There were several celebrities at The Fairmont during our stay.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Taylor Swift and Kate Upton just to name a few!

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No matter how challenging our return home is, we are always grateful for the experiences had and memories made.  There were many on this trip… from day tripping to Sonoma, to riding on a street car, and eating our way through the Ferry Building.  A recap of these highlights  is coming soon!

But for now, I must go unload the dishwasher or something resembling housework.  So far, there is no cure for the Four Seasons Hangover.  Except maybe booking another trip!


One response to “The Four Seasons Hangover

  1. I’m so glad you are back blogging! Oh how I have missed your insights, travels, and stories. I have checked this blog periodically over the last year hoping you would start again and just love, love, love that you have. Your family is beautiful; congrats on the new addition! My sister and her husband are planning a trip to the BVI next year and I gave her your blog to plan their trip. They cannot wait! I, too, live in Knoxville so maybe I’ll run into you one day 🙂

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