The Tea Party to End All Tea Parties

Anna Drake has made some wonderful friends through her Mother’s Day Out program.  Unfortunately one little friend is moving away.  As a farewell to Nora, her grandmother threw a tea party – and just as the title reads, it was the tea party to end all tea parties.  Where to start?  The busting bouquets of peonies or the sparkly sequinned floor-length tablecloth?  The three-tier miniature cakes or the embroidered sippy cups?  It was done to perfection!!!  Upon approaching the balloon arch, Anna Drake slowed her walk and turned to me and proclaimed, “This is a castle!”

IMG_1267Once inside, each party-goer was offered a tutu and magic wand.  Anna Drake made a beeline for the miniature cupcakes.  And just as the literary Fancy Nancy is reminded to take “dainty bites” at her tea party, Anna Drake tried her best too.

After tasting the sweet treats, the girls had their faces painted by a princess, and made beaded necklaces and bracelets.

One of the sweetest moments of the party came, when the girls decided to form a line and make a run for it in the backyard!  The entire afternoon was magical.


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