Monogram Love

A good, well-placed monogram is about as Southern as the word y’all, cornbread and double names.

A relatively new app is making it easier to create apps on your iPhone or iPad.  It’s called Monograms, by Yellow Lab, Inc.  My friend Stephanie told me about it just the other day, and since then, I’ve been obsessed, making monograms for friends.  They literally take seconds to create.  And for all you Lilly lovers out there, the app has access to the very latest Lilly Pulitzer patterns, that are in-stores now.

I created this wallpaper for my iPhone:


Amazing, right?  Here’s how it works.  (Click through the photos below to open the gallery.)

Here are some of the monograms I’ve made so far…click through to see them in a larger format.

I’m interested to see what I can do with these when I import them into my Silhouette Cameo, and use the print and cut feature.  Personalized enclosure cards might be a good starter project!






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