Meet Bear

The first anniversary of our BVI departure is upon us.  I have been reflecting on all that’s happened in the last 365 days.  Most notably, Michael, Anna Drake and I welcomed a new baby into our family.   Meet Bear.


At six weeks old, he is 10 pounds of pure sweetness.  Anna Drake is a wonderful big sister to him.  So, what have we been up to, besides making another human being?  Well, let’s see…  I haven’t been blogging, clearly.  But I have been busy parenting a precocious toddler, reconnecting with friends and making new ones, freelancing on various PR projects, decorating a toddler room, then a nursery, and travelling when we can.  We haven’t made it back to the BVI for a visit, but some of our friends from the islands will be coming to Tennessee in the coming months.  I can’t wait for that!

One question I get asked more than any is “Do you miss the beach?”  We absolutely do – the white sand, the crystal clear water, the bright coral reefs and colorful fish – all of it.  We also miss the trade winds, the laid back attitude that accompanies island living, hopping on the Peter Island ferry to grab lunch, but more than anything we miss our friends, and the various ways being an expat in a country with so many other expats surprises and challenges you.  Being a member of a vibrant and diverse expat community is so different than our life now – where we’re surrounded by people who look and talk like us.

Don’t get me wrong, there is comfort to be found in the parts “known,” but I do miss the complexities of being apart of an expat community.  There we were – completely a fish out of water living in another country – learning the customs, but then we were welcomed into a community comprised of other people that don’t belong.  In many instances that lone distinction of “not belonging” is all that binds you.

I think I hear the baby crying.  Until my next post, which won’t be a year away, but rather maybe a few days…  Renaming the blog is also in the works, since we’re no longer hopping islands.  Suggestions welcome!


3 responses to “Meet Bear

  1. Hey! Congratulations! I was so happy to see your blog pop up in reader. So excited to see what the future holds for you and the family.

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