Last Weekend

We made the very most of our final weekend in the BVI (as residents, that is…)  We do plan to return as visitors!

It all started Friday night with dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Dove.  We dined with Paloma and Scott (the proprietors) and Dan and Tanya, who were celebrating 6 days of wedded bliss.  {Congrats to the happy couple!}  I always put Paloma in charge of the seating…not sure if she cherishes this responsibility or not, but she’s so good at it!  She usually has a few rules…couples are almost always separated. However, on this night, she put Michael and me across from each other and in another break from seating chart tradition, she sat the boys on one end and girls on the other.  It was perfect!



IMG_2078The majority of us had the Dove Steak, which never disappoints. It was so gooooooooooood.


Chef Travis also surprised with a middle course of Jerk shrimp with smoked tomatoes atop a heavenly risotto. (My apologies for leaving out all of the ingredients that made this so delectable, but I’d had a few glasses of Red Guitar by then!)  It was all delicious and a nice way to kick off our last weekend.  We’ve made so many memories at The Dove.  We’ve celebrated birthdays here, and brought nearly all of our guests to The Dove.  I fondly remember one Christmas Eve back in 2010 when Michael and I were still “just the two of us” and we had a late dinner…it was so special.  I also remember when we found out we were pregnant with Anna Drake, we went to The Dove that night.  I remember Paloma insisted on bringing the table a dessert drink, as long as it had alcohol in it!  Little did she know – ha!

On Saturday night, we invited our island friends to join us for a “Drink the Daniels Dry” Party.  This is something that all of the bars do at the end of summer, so we thought, “Why can’t we have one?”  We have a fully stocked bar and we’re not going to be able to take it with us.  We held the event at the West End Playground.  We definitely see the irony in the location choice {kids playground | adult party} but we like it!  And it worked out perfectly.

Check it out!

IMG_2100It was a gorgeous night, with a cool tropical breeze.  And here are some of our guests arriving, mixers in hand.  You can clearly see the playground behind them.

IMG_2104There were quite a few people there!  The park hasn’t been fully completed, so instead of working light fixtures and electrical outlets there were only big bunches of wires!  So funny!  Things got interesting when the sun went down.  We could hardly see to clean up!  {Double click a photo to see the slideshow.}

We only emptied about a third of the bottles, but we gave away the rest!  We are so appreciative of the wonderful friends who came out to help us drink the bar dry, and bid us a fun farewell.  And for those who made it to Peg Leg’s for dinner afterwards, thank you!  The laughs kept rolling until midnight!

By Sunday, you would think we’d be exhausted and need to pack.  But the movers packed everything up on Friday and the house was pretty much empty, so we headed to Peter Island to spend our last full BVI day.  Paloma, Scott and Jude joined us, and we brought Anna Drake’s nanny, Sandra along as well.  We wanted to thank her for all she’s done for Anna Drake…she’s been looking after her since she was 2 1/2 months old.  Here’s part of the group on the ferry.

photo(14)The weather was perfect for a beach day: plenty of sunshine and a refreshing sea.  Jude and Anna Drake had such a fun time in the hammock.  These two couldn’t be any cuter!  They are surely going to miss each other.



IMG_2184Our friends, Dan and Tanya joined us for lunch as well.  It was an all around beautiful day.  We took a dip in the pool, watched the iguanas, and took big, long deep breaths.

So much has changed in the three and a half years we’ve lived in the BVI…the most important one of all?  Becoming parents to Anna Drake of course.  But we’ve grown as people, learning more about ourselves and other cultures; we’ve experienced the beauty of the Caribbean and made friends we’ll have for life.

Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling as we look back on our time on Tortola.  It has been one incredible adventure.  And to you, the reader, thank you for following along with us!  I will keep blogging; I’ll just be landlocked.


3 responses to “Last Weekend

  1. What a fantastic adventure and a lovely group of friends it looks like you’ve established! I’ve enjoyed reading about your island escapades and can’t wait to see what’s next for your gorgeous family!

  2. I will miss reading about your BVI adventures but look forward to following your journey stateside and just north of us! Hope your trip back was uneventful.

  3. Hi love your blogs! We are two friends,females, looking to go to the BVI’s for ten days in Jan/Feb. would like to see a few Islands. Don’t want to break the bank account but would like to do it with some style! What would you suggest. Coming from Toronto thank you

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