A Local Leatherback

Some friends of ours here on Tortola had a once in a lifetime experience on Saturday, watching a leatherback turtle lay eggs on a local beach.  They took some incredible photos and so graciously agreed to share them…


Here is a photo that shows just how massive these creatures are…they’re the largest of all sea turtles; they grow up to seven feet long and weigh up to 2,000 lbs.


While Cid (pictured above) and Jerome left the eggs alone, it’s possible she laid as many as 80 eggs before making her trek back into the ocean.  And what’s even more fascinating to consider?  Could this beach have been this specific turtle’s birthplace?  Was she “bahn here” as the locals say???  It’s quite possible, dare I say, likely?

Female hatchlings that make it to sea will roam the oceans until they reach sexual maturity, when they return to the same nesting areas to produce their own offspring. Males spend the rest of their lives at sea. – National Geographic


I just cannot stop staring at these photos…  Look at the deep and beautifully uniform tracks she makes on her way back to the water.


What an incredible experience?!?

And for more glimpses into island life here on Tortola, follow Cid on Instagram.


One response to “A Local Leatherback

  1. Just lovely and indeed an incredible experience! Chancing upon these gentle giants in the wild carrying out a process in the wonderful cycle of their existence is just mind blowing.

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