A Farewell

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 12.35.26 PMFor most expatriates living in the BVI, there comes a time to say farewell to this lovely little island. For us, that time is now.

We’ve been fortunate to call the British Virgin Islands “home” for the last three and a half years and it is with a heavy heart that we bid it adieu.

As much as a place can define someone, it has.  We’ve fallen in love with the beaches, the water, the way of life…  We’ve adopted many of the colloquialisms…British and otherwise.  While we may moan and groan in harmony with the other expats about the limited shopping, expensive shipping rates, and pricey provisions, we also know there are few places on Earth as beautiful as the BVI.

IMG_9560Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m donning the proverbial rose-colored glasses at this very moment, as I’m staring down leaving this place.  But I always try and see the good, and from where I sit – literally, looking out over the Drake’s Channel, for which our daughter was named – I see the beauty and want nothing more than to celebrate it over these last precious weeks.

IMG_4038More than the place, we are going to miss the people.  We’ve made some of the greatest friends in the BVI and we know this isn’t the last we’ll see of each other.  We’ve been on the other end of the goodbyes before, as we’ve watched expat friends make this same pilgrimage home.  It wasn’t easy then, and it’s not going to be easy now.  There will be tears… Breaking the news to Sandra, Anna Drake’s nanny, who’s been with her since she was 2 months old, was incredibly hard.

So, what is next for The Daniels?  Michael has accepted a position with Fisher Investments back in the states.  We’ll be moving back into our house in Knoxville, Tennessee. As far as moves go, this one will likely be the easiest from a logistical standpoint.  It is a known quantity.

We look forward to reconnecting with our friends there, who’ve been so supportive of our island hopping journey these last few years.  The biggest silver lining of all?  Being closer to family.  Anna Drake will be living in the same city as her cousins, Avery and Gracen, and only a few hours away from her Aunt Whitney.  There’s no doubt her grandparents (on both sides) will be spoiling her rotten now that she’ll be so close.

I will continue to blog, although I’m not sure the name “Island Hopping” will apply any longer, since I’ll be completely landlocked.  There will be time to figure that out…for now, we’re off to the beach!



5 responses to “A Farewell

  1. Know this is bittersweet news for you – but so exciting for us!! Can’t wait to see you soon and let us know what you might need as you get re-settled in the states!

  2. Wow! It sounds like wonderful things are in store for you (and Anna Drake) having family so close. My heart aches as I can only imagine what it must be like to leave such a beautiful place and all the people. I have enjoyed your blog as my “daily island escape” and will miss seeing the sunny pictures and the beach but I look forward to continuing to follow you…you’ve truly mastered the art of blogging! I live in Knoxville and would love the opportunity to meet “The Daniels” sometime. Maybe our paths will cross. Good luck and keep posting!

  3. I know what bittersweet news this is. The island life is so lovely, but it is hard to not truly be “home”. Best wishes to you as you finish this chapter and begin the next.

  4. We gave you roots and watched as you developed your wings. We just nver dreamed you would fly so far away. We too loved your being in paradise and the many spectacular visits we made there that are now
    treasured memories. Yes, we are awaiting all of you to return to the USA so we can spoil all of you!

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