The Sunset Loop

I had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday a few days early this year.  Here I am with my big birthday cake, and an even bigger sparkler on top!   Ha!

947189_10151443909736128_1185474665_nWe gathered with some close friends on Peter Island for sunset, followed by dinner and dancing!  Our friend Dan works on Peter Island as an engineer; he’s responsible for the towering wind turbines and impressive diesel power plant that supplies all of the power to the island.  He and his soon-to-be-bride – as in two weeks! – picked us up from the ferry dock and drove us up to the Sunset Loop.

This is where brightly colored Adirondack chairs line one of the most beautiful vistas in all of the British Virgin Islands.

IMG_1899Here’s the view:

IMG_1901Add some tasty champagne, and voila!  Instant birthday party!

Cheers to 34 years!  (YIKES!)

photo(9)I am blessed to have such wonderful friends…here are the girls, from left:  Tanya, Paloma and Whitney

IMG_1904And the boys, Dan, Scott, Shawn, and Michael:

417682_10151444179981128_416650397_nAnd the entire group, thanks to the timer on our camera!

IMG_1913The bumpy ride to and from the Sunset Loop in Dan’s pick-up truck was just about as entertaining as the sunset…

IMG_1923In all seriousness though, Peter Island does a decadent seafood buffet on Saturday nights, complete with my favorite: stone crab claws.  They have live music as well!  Huge thanks to Michael, Dan, Tanya, Paloma, Scott, Shawn & Whitney for making my 34th birthday such fun!!!


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