Soggy Dollar Days

We had the pleasure of escorting some of my college friends to the Soggy Dollar Bar recently.  Laura and Walter were in the Virgin Islands for her brother’s wedding on nearby St. John.  (Laura and I are sorority sisters…you may remember Laura and her sparkly jacket from the NYC girls weekend!)

It was a big group – Laura + Walter, her sister Caroline + husband Brian, their parents Beverly + Arthur, and then us!  We all met up at Soper’s Hole, hopped on the iSpeed, and headed for Jost van Dyke.

With the boat securely anchored in White Bay, we jumped in and posed for a quick photo, before swimming to shore. (Thanks to our hostess, Manya for taking the photo!)

IMG_1851And off we go!


Our first stop?  Surprise, surprise… Soggy Dollar Bar.  When we were there a few days earlier (with just Laura + Walter), Walter had pre-purchased a few drinks for the rest of the family.  This is one of my favorite traditions here:  The “pay it forward” painkiller!  You may wonder how they keep track of such purchases… Big posters with permanent marker!  Here’s Walter’s order: four painkillers!


And here’s the bartender topping off the famous concoction with freshly ground nutmeg:


IMG_3665Drink in hand, we walked further down to beach to One Love.  This beach bar, filled with flotsam and jetsam, is the perfect spot for a family photo, don’t you think?  (Love them!)


One Love is known for its fresh lobster and when it comes to imbibing (White Bay’s most popular pastime), their Bushwackers are the best.  But there is a new drink in town!!!  THE WALT!  Walter invented the cocktail on the spot, with the help of the bartender.  The drink was so tasty, so refreshing, so awesomely good, it made the menu.  Check it out, right there halfway down the menu, in purple Sharpie: The Walt.

IMG_3673 Now, if you want to know what makes up The Walt, you’ll have to ask him.  All I remember is mango rum!  Maybe it will have the same lore as the Soggy Dollar painkiller one day…  So, let’s just say the recipe is a secret for now.

IMG_1816 Our day on the iSpeed was cut short because of some mechanical issues with the boat, however, nothing could keep this group from making the most of it!


One response to “Soggy Dollar Days

  1. Amelia, We have followed your blog and enjoy your posts. We are frequent visitors to the BVI and rent on the West End/Belmont each summer. We are coming in July with friends and bring kids for the first time. A 3.5 year old and 6 year old. We thought you may have some suggestions on a sitter for a evening or two to allow us dinner out (like the Dove). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. I can connect on Linked-In if that would allow easier communication.

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