Photographer’s Take on the BVI

Friend and photographer, Kayla Beiler recently blogged about the BVI and the numerous adventures she’s had here in the last couple of years.  She developed a bit of a Top 10 List for the BVI and while we haven’t done #6, it’s pretty comprehensive!
1. The Baths at Virgin Gorda
2. Sailing through the local islands
3. Cane Garden Bay – a great surf spot, or lounging on the beach
4. Visiting Sandy Spit – and try and run around it in 2 minutes
5. Soggy Dollar and the Willy T
6. Diving! Simply amazing.
7. Dinner at The Dove
8. Anegada (a fair way to get to, but well worth it)
9. Visiting the Bomba Shack for a full moon party
10. Foxy’s for New Years Eve or the Last Resort for live music any night of the week

She has dozens and dozens of beautiful photographs from these and various other locations in the BVI.  Here is one of my favorites of Sandy Spit:

www.kaylabeilerphotography.com_0393If you’re interested in hiring Kayla and her camera, check out her website.  She is based in Vancouver, but if I know Kayla, she is willing to travel!  She photographed our family over Christmas this past year and we will always treasure the photographs.

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