Popsicle Place

On a hot day, there’s nothing better than a cold popsicle.  And one made with locally grown fruit makes it even better.  Anna Drake and I stumbled upon Locally Yours, tucked away in the Crafts Alive Village in Road Town.  The village caters mostly to cruise ship passengers, but on this particular day, shop owners had their doors open for all of the Rotarians who were on Tortola for a regional conference.

photo-16I selected a mango popsicle for Anna Drake and she devoured it!  Mommy didn’t get a single lick!  Anna Drake is usually a wonderful sharer, but she didn’t offer it up once.  It must have been that good.

photo-17We plan to go back soon, and if you find yourself on Tortola, walking in town or waiting on a ferry, definitely stop by Locally Yours.  It’s in the western corner by the waterfront.


One response to “Popsicle Place

  1. We stopped there while we were in Tortola for the day- the owner was such a nice lady, we stayed and talked for awhile and I didn’t share my popsicle either! We bought a bottle of her infused liqueur… I stare at it wishing I could drink it, but that’s not such a great idea while pregnant 🙂

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