Died and Gone to YCCS

This is Yacht Club Costa Smeralda on Virgin Gorda – the British Virgin Island’s headquarters for all things super yacht.


With huge, 100+ foot yachts dotting the dock, we pulled up in a friend’s boat, measuring about…oh, I don’t know, a modest 30 feet?  The deck hands treated us like royalty though.  I cannot imagine the types of guests that visit the YCCS Virgin Gorda; no doubt some real royals have been among them.

Once on land, we took in the beauty of the landscape.  Check out the greenest grass on Virgin Gorda; I’m sure of it.  Plus a refreshing pool, perfectly positioned overlooking the North Sound.

We decided to stay for lunch at the YCCS Virgin Gorda. The chef put together a four-course menu that included this eggplant parmesan starter.


O.M.G.  It was equal parts delicious and decadent.  The service was beyond anything we’ve experienced in the BVI.  As soon as you would take a sip of your rose, the waitress was there to top off your glass.  I guess that explains the five bottles the ten of us consumed…yikes!


We had high hopes of spending the second half of the day swimming and playing beach games over at Oil Nut Bay, but we were all in a YCCS-induced coma.  It was all we could do to sit in a hammock over at Saba Rock!

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