Hard Copies

I am a huge fan of Instagram.  Huge fan.

However, I struggled to find a good way to get the Instagram photos out of my phone and into my hands.  That is, until Kanvess came along.  Kanvess is an amazing app (and website) that easily allows you to access all of your Instagram photos.  And with a few simple clicks, you can purchase 3X3 inch prints, sent to your home in a matter of a few days!


Shipping is free if you spend $25.00.  At 25 cents a photo, that’s 100 photos for $25.00, plus free shipping!  Amazing, right?  Check out some of the ones I recently printed.  These will find their way to a pretty bowl on my coffee table.


I was very impressed with the quality, and what’s even more amazing to me?  I know the founder of Kanvess!  I didn’t know I knew him when I signed up, but I soon found out – when an email from him popped up after I placed my order!   Sean lives in Knoxville and I had the pleasure of working with him a few years back…small world!!!

Another great way to get photos out of your phone, is through the app Mosaic by Mixbook.  Mosiac prompts you to choose 20 photos from your phone (Instagram or just regular photos).  It puts them together in a small, 7X7 inch black linen bound book.  The book costs an even $20, plus $5 shipping and arrives in four days.  Here’s the cover with a sneak peak of all the photos inside.


I made a Mosaic book for my sister this Christmas.  I filled it with 20 photos of her with Anna Drake.  It’s so sentimental, yet it was so simple to make.


Are there any other great photo printing apps I’m missing???

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