Still Life

Sometimes I just want to push PAUSE on my life.  Just the other day, I swear I was the mother of an infant, a little teeny tiny baby, and now I find myself the mother of a toddler – one that is talking to me!

When you’re a new mother, everyone tells you that “time flies…” “they grow up fast…” and “enjoy this time, because it’s fleeting…” While they may be right (and yes cliche), how do you do it?  How do you enjoy this time before it’s gone?

I try to be present with Anna Drake every day; I try to appreciate each little new thing she does or says; I also try to document our life with photos and videos.  I blog.  I keep a daily gratitude journal on my iPhone which also helps me remember all of the goodness that happens around us.  But I always come back to the photos.

While I was in the states, I couldn’t resist getting Anna Drake in front of the professional lens of J. Layne Photography.  It had only been a few months since the extended family photo shoot at Christmas, but Anna Drake is changing so quickly.  This was my way of hitting PAUSE!  I want to remember her just like this.  Plus, Chelsi does incredible work.  Here are just two glimpses of our photo shoot that she posted on Facebook…


I cannot wait to see all of them…  And if you live in the Jacksonville area and are looking for a professional photographer for your family, wedding or special occasion, I highly recommend J. Layne Photography.  (And don’t you love the quote that Chelsi added to the photo?)


3 responses to “Still Life

  1. I love this post! I, too, have a toddler and I find myself wanting to hit pause every day. Thanks for my reminder today to soak it up and snap photos of my little man! Thanks for sharing your life’s journey with those of us stuck in Knoxville. Your posts are a “quick island escape” for me.

  2. Joyce Kilmer never saw that photo. Else he may have written:

    I think that I shall never see
    A poem lovely as she

    She whose hungry mouth is prest
    Against the sweet earth’s flowing breast;

    She that looks at God all day,
    And lifts her lovely arms to pray;

    She that may in summer wear
    A nest of ribbons in her hair;

    Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
    Who intimately lives with rain.

    Poems are made by fools like me,
    But only God could have made she.

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