Hop! Hop! Hop!

What would Easter be without a little hopping? We hopped from Tortola to San Juan and then to the peninsula of Florida to see family!

With the Easter Bunny

With the Easter Bunny

The trip coincided with my sister’s Spring Break, my mother’s 70th birthday, the Easter holiday, and my mother-in-law’s Spring Break! The one downside to the entire trip? Michael wasn’t able to accompany us. This was the longest time Michael and I have been apart since we met nearly 10 years ago, and by far the longest time he’s been away from the bitty. We missed him terribly, especially on the flights! Traveling alone is not much fun when your arms are the only ones to hold a toddler, command the stroller, and schlep our luggage through U.S. Customs and Immigration. Somehow we made it! And what fun did we have?!?

Let’s see, Anna Drake went to the Jacksonville Zoo, rode her first carousel, bundled up for the beach, “choo-choo”-ed her way around the St. Johns Towne Center in a toy train with Aunt Whitney, surprised Nanny Kay with a 70th birthday party, played with Charlie, Caris, Elsa, Bennett, Vivian, Lottie, Grace and Evelyn, got behind the wheel and drove around the block with G-Daddy, and explored Old St. Augustine with Nana and Papaw! Whew! I’m exhausted just typing it!

Being stateside also meant shopping, shopping and more shopping! It was time to stock up on the essentials, you know – white jeans, sundresses, and wedges.  I also brought back a few boxes of Keurig coffee K-cups, along with random items like an Oxi Clean stain stick, Command strips, and other household necessities that you cannot find on island.

It was so wonderful being with my family and there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching Anna Drake with her aunt and her grandparents.  And now that she’s learning to talk and can call them all by their nicknames, it’s getting more and more fun each day.  Hopefully, our families will be visiting with Anna Drake BVI-side soon.

2 responses to “Hop! Hop! Hop!

  1. What a trip! I can’t believe my Kay is 7-0! Hope you don’t mind I still look in from time to time and “blog-stalk” your fun life down there in the BVI. (I used to work for your mom at the Schultz Center, and feel like I know you and Whitney through all her lovely stories!)

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