Lunch at Little Dix Bay

When you think classic Caribbean resort, Little Dix Bay immediately comes to mind. It is one of the oldest resorts of its kind on Virgin Gorda and played host to the Kennedy’s for their honeymoon…yes, as in Jackie and John F. – those Kennedy’s.

So, when we were pondering a day of island hopping over one of the many bank holiday weekends this time of year, Little Dix Bay sounded like a good choice. We caught the ferry to Virgin Gorda with our friends, Paloma, Scott and Jude.

Once at the resort (which is less than a 5 minute taxi ride from the ferry dock) we settled into a sea side table at the more modern restaurant, aptly named Beach Grill. I love how the menu lights up from the sun, don’t you?


And just a quick ordering tip – order anything with lobster! Anegada lobster even comes atop a hamburger here! I enjoyed the lobster quesadilla.

We met up with our other Tortola friends, John & Neha, who were lucky enough to be staying the night at Little Dix with their two children. The water was a little chilly, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the beach!


We caught the 6 p.m. ferry back to Tortola, just in time for sunset.

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