The Ultimate NYC Girls Weekend

When my girlfriends from college wanted to get together this fall, NYC made perfect sense!  We are spread out all over the country, from Florida to California.  While there are many more in our group, eight of us got together for one fabulous Manhattan weekend in October.

I stayed in Chelsea at our apartment, and the girls stayed in SOHO.  This turned out to be so incredibly convenient because I simply hopped on the Red 1 subway line and emerged on the steps of their hotel in minutes!

Here is our itinerary.  Feel free to use for your own NYC getaway!


We started the weekend off with drinks at the bar atop the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District.  This swanky hotel bar has 360 degree views of Manhattan, with floor to ceiling windows that continue into the restrooms.  No need to elaborate here, but take our advice and make sure to use the, ahem, facilities before you head off to your next destination.


This bar is modern and fashion forward, yet has at least one high heel stuck in the Mad Men/Mid-Century Modern realm.  The cocktails were delicious, and somehow kept up with the sparkly scenery.  And speaking of that sparkly scenery…  We thought our friend Laura’s sequined jacket shined perfectly with the Manhattan backdrop…


From there, we walked to dinner at Buddakan.  Our reservations were at 9pm.  We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner, sharing a few appetizers and a few mains between the four of us.  {The other half of the group didn’t arrive until the next day.}  The edamame dumplings starter was our favorite!

Afterwards, we took a short cab ride to Marie’s Crisis in the village to drink and sing Broadway show tunes while standing around a central piano.  Nowhere else will your high school drama club experience pay off more than in this bar!  While my girlfriends were less inclined to belt out every word to the songs from Les Miserables, they happily obliged me and enjoyed the people watching (and “people listening”.)  As far a dive bars go, this has to be my favorite.  Oh, and it’s cash only.

NYC PiLaLa Reunion 004

Late, late, late night we went to The Greenhouse on Varrick in SOHO.  The Greenhouse is a cluuuuuuuub.  Think loud dance music, packed dance floor, waitresses hoisting bottles of Grey Goose with lit sparklers, and a surprisingly beautiful light feature that is LEED certified.  Apparently the night club is the first of its kind – a “green” club.  Who knew?



Before the rest of our group arrived, we went to the Flat Iron District for lunch at ABC Kitchen.  The chic and almost haunting restaurant is at the back of the humongous ABC Home Goods store.  This is where a hundred little high end gift shops fill the cavernous space.  And that’s just the first floor.  There are five more with furniture for every room of your home.  And if you’re looking for a rug, they’re across the street in their own building!  Reservations can be hard to get here.  Call 2-3 weeks in advance.  And there is of course great shopping in the Flat Iron District, but you can easily grab a taxi and head north if you want to experience the bigger stores like Saks, Bloomingdales, etc…

By mid-afternoon, the other four ladies arrived and we met up on Spring Street in SOHO.  We had “apres-shop” at Balthazar in SOHO.  Champagne just tastes better when you’re sitting with your best friends around a table in one of SOHO’s hottest spots.  I read a review in the NY Times that called the atmosphere at Balthazar: “fake French, authentic NY.”  Couldn’t agree more!

Oh, and I have to show off the amazing treats Laura brought for everyone!  Personalized frosted cookies to mark 15 years since we met our freshman year in college.


Later that night, we had dinner at Stanton Social.  Located in the Lower East Side, the restaurant is uber hip and cool.  We all tried fun cocktails and shared a wide variety of tapas.  This menu was made for girls nights!


Afterwards, we went walked down to 200 Orchard Bar and danced, danced, danced! It wasn’t a “club” though…definitely a bar with a DJ awesomely spinning bubble gum music.  It did appear as though there was somewhat of a uniform for the men though: khakis, blue oxfords, black patagonias, and loafers!  For a hot second, we forgot we were in Manhattan. It felt like we were in the South!



Much to our collective chagrin, the hangovers from partying the night before stayed with us much of the day on Saturday.  Nothing a good pair of shades couldn’t help disguise and lucky for us, the sun appeared on Saturday morning.  It warmed things up just enough for us to sit outside at Cipriani’s in SOHO.  We decided to eat family style, so we could try the different Italian dishes.  It was some of the best pasta I’ve ever had!  We had a few bottles of wine.  Shopping in SOHO is a lot more fun after a few glasses of pinot grigio.  There is quite a scene at Cipriani’s, so keep your eyes peeled for all things celebrity, and if you’re into handbags, prepare to stare as the Birkins come marching in and out.

Picture 8

That night, we went to Tacombi on Elizabeth Street for a casual, sangria-soaked night! We ended up getting a table in the back and sat there and talked until 1am!  We had the best guacamole and tacos. That’s what this place is known for…food truck style fare, as if it’s straight out of Mexico.  For a chill night, this was the perfect place be.  There wasn’t any pressure to give up the table, but it was still packed which gave the place a fun energy.


To say that brunch in Manhattan is big would be an understatement.  But because so many of our girls had planes to catch, we went early, as in eleven o’clock.  Brunch doesn’t really get going until after 1pm it seems.  We went to the shabby chic Antique Garage in SOHO. The Turkish/Greek influenced food was delicious!  Perfect place to sip champagne! (Are you sensing a theme?)

What a splendid end to a delightful weekend with some of the best girlfriends on this Earth.  We are so grateful to have each other, some 15 years after we all met as pledge class sisters of Alpha Delta Pi!  We’ve come along way from 831 West Panhellenic Drive!

And a huge thanks to the husbands, grandmothers, aunts and nannies who helped take care of Anna Drake, Lily, Claire, Turner, Vivian, Charlotte, Robby, Luke, Jackson, Bennett and Elsa.  And to Mike and Matt for giving up their ladies for the weekend!   What fun!  I’m ready to go do it all over again tomorrow!

4 responses to “The Ultimate NYC Girls Weekend

  1. That sounds amazing! The description of Balthazar is spot on. I do love that place. 🙂 You girls are all as beautiful, if not moreso, than 15 years ago (or I guess 12 for me when I became an ADPi).

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  3. This may sound weird but I have been doing research for a girls trip to NYC. I came across this, read and enjoyed it. The next one up on my google search was called I am not sure if you are affiliated with that website or not but about half of their article was taken word for word from your blog on this trip. Just thought that was interesting.

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