Under the Sun

One thing that continues to amaze me about life on a Caribbean island, is the issue of change or lack there of.  I’m constantly reminded of one of my favorite passages in Herman Wouk’s novel, Don’t Stop the Carnival

“…under all the parade of human effort and noise, today is like yesterday, and tomorrow will be like today…the idea is to take things easy and enjoy the passing time under the sun.”

But here in lies the big misconception about change on a Caribbean island.  It is the time “passing under the sun” that changes us, and I’m not just talking about getting a tan, albeit a genuine side effect.  The beaches here change tremendously.  Take for instance, one of our favorite beaches on the east end of Tortola’s north side…


One day Anna Drake splashes in little pools, and walks through the big boulders that line the left side of the beach.



But then, the very next day, the pools are gone and some of the largest waves you’ve ever seen on Tortola are rolling in big sets.

If that’s the case, no worries, we can always find our own fun in the sand.

And because we live on the South side of Tortola, it’s always a gamble when we head to Little Bay.  As we arrive and begin to unpack the car, we get really quiet and listen to sound of the waves…if we can hear the waves crashing all the way from the parking area, we know we will likely not be swimming on that particular day.

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