Yachts in the North Sound

Some of the best eye candy in the BVI??? The yachts that dot the landscape in The North Sound. Recently we found ourselves motoring up that way with the Shands. They too appreciate “oohing and ahhing” over the massive yachts that cruise the waters here.

Here are just a few that caught our eye on this random Tuesday!!!


A few points of interest…Β  The yacht in the top left is the Baton Rouge, which stretches more than 205 feet in length, has a piano on board, plus a party deck, and can accommodate you and eleven of your closest friends.Β  πŸ˜‰

And yes, in the bottom right, that is an inflatable water slide protruding from the port quarter.Β  We made a good lap around the boat, just to watch as the yachties were sliding down it!

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