Sparkly Celebration

We celebrated our dear friend, Paloma’s 30th birthday recently.  {Okay, well, it was actually her 31st birthday, but last year she had just given birth to her beautiful son less than a week before, so she needed a do-over!)  And The Last Resort, tucked away in Tortola’s Bellamy Cay, was the perfect spot for this sparkly celebration.


The chef did a wonderful prix fixe menu for us.  Here are the menu cards I made based on the design of the online invitationPicture 16

And if you’ll notice the top of the menu card, we brought the gold tinsel effect off of the page and into 3-D.  It was a nice little backdrop for the birthday girl.


Everyone had a great time!  We devoured the delicious food, sipped champagne, took down a few shots of tequila (a staple at The Last Resort) and danced until our feet hurt.


One response to “Sparkly Celebration

  1. Love the Last Resort! We went years ago (my dad’s friend growing up owned it, and I thought last we knew he sold to his daughter?) Such a fun spot- is there still a donkey that eats your leftovers? When we were in the BVI in December I wanted to go there but we didn’t have the time 😦 (There were too many things I wanted to show my husband we didn’t have time for!)

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