No Airport Pick-Up

This is one of the main differences about having company in the big apple! You don’t have to go to the airport to pick them up!

My sister, Whitney flew up for the weekend. She had to get her hands on her niece!


We were so happy to have her back in the city. Her last visit was a bit more stressful. She was here to help us with Anna Drake while we settled into this crazy, temporary life.

Her visit also happened to coincide with Michael’s birthday! We had a wonderful lunch together at the famous Pete’s tavern, where O. Henry wrote The Gift of the Magi. It was such a beautiful day! Anna Drake took her first city steps on the street! She will be walking any day now, I am sure!


On the agenda for her visit? Β Shopping and more shopping! Β SOHO, 5th Avenenue, Meatpacking…we’ll try our best to fit it all in.

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