Charming Indeed

We dropped into to a wonderful little flea market that is making a temporary home in Chelsea this fall. It’s a small collection of vendors from the Brooklyn Flea. I just love the bright orange exterior, don’t you? This is on 10th Ave and 15th Street, tucked under the High Line.


My sister and I made our own bracelets and necklaces at the Brooklyn Charms booth. My bracelet included an “A” and a “D” for you know who, along with a dainty piece of Coral to represent the BVI, and a teeny tiny Tennessee (where Anna Drake was born,) along with a few other charms. I was overwhelmed with all of the choices! There had to be hundreds and hundreds of different charms!


This was not just a wonderful thing to do on a Sunday afternoon, but a great way to kill time while waiting for a table at Pastis. (I know, I know. We said we wouldn’t do any repeats, but we wanted to take Whitney!)


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