Woodstock Weekend

In honor of our friend Scott’s 40th birthday, we escaped to Woodstock for the weekend. Scott and Paloma traveled all the way from the BVI with their 9-month old Jude, who is one of Anna Drake’s best baby friends from home. They hadn’t been together since July so it was great to reunite them.

Before we could get on the road Michael and Scott had to pick up the rental car. In an exercise of frugality, we rented through RelayRides.com which allows individual car owners in New York City to list their cars and rent them out for as little as an hour or as long as a week! We went with “Jacqueline’s KIA,” a minivan in Brooklyn since it could hold all of us, so out to Greenpoint went the boys! And sure enough, just like she had said, the keys were in her mailbox! (The address is not disclosed until you pay the rental fee.)


The drive to Woodstock took less than two hours. The house Paloma had found and rented for the weekend was precious! And it was complete with a pool, hot tub, and creek in the back.


We had so much fun! We played dice games and ate wonderful food. I learned how to play frisbee golf! And we saw a real life protest happening in downtown Woodstock!


While Scott’s birthday was most definitely the highlight, these two little pumpkins almost stole the show…



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