Extra Virgin, As in Olive Oil

Tonight, we did something we don’t normally do. We went out to dinner as a family. Anna Drake can hang at breakfast, lunch, or brunch, but we are a little wary of taking her out in the evenings – its just too close to her bed time. And we know how much babies thrive when in a routine…

But it was so beautiful out tonight, we just had to stroll down to the West Village once Michael was finished with work. We stumbled upon several cute restaurants; it was hard to choose.

The host in front of Extra Virgin was super friendly and offered to check our stroller and cleared one of the only open outdoor tables for us. He was quick with a high chair too!

It was delicious! We started with the pistachio encrusted goat cheese salad that had the most delicious granny Smith apple and beet coleslaw on top. It was so good, this is all that we are able to show you.


Our entrees which were recommended by our waitress were equally delicious. We don’t normally order the chicken, but it was so good and the butternut squash ravioli was sweet and scrumptious!



Anna Drake did great. According to Zagat, this is a great people watching restaurant and it did not disappoint! She was entertained by the people walking by, and the fun Italians who sat next to us!


We were on our way back home by 6:30 and snapped this family portrait in shadow. I love how the stroller looks…


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