Train to Trenton

When you want to get out of Manhattan for the weekend, there are a lot of options… One of which is taking the train, in this case New Jersey Transit, from Penn Station.  We headed south on the train to Trenton.

We flipped the bench seats so that we could face each other and Michael and I pretty much spent the time by passing Anna Drake back and forth.  She loved it.  And if anyone needs a round-trip child tickets to Trenton and back, let us know.  We bought it before we realized Anna Drake rides for free – not just Anna Drake, all children aged four and under.

The train ride to Trenton took about 90 minutes and our friend Liz was there to pick us up.  She lives in nearby Marlton, NJ with her husband, Jeff and their adorable twin girls, Charlotte in Vivian.  They’ve been to the BVI twice to visit us, so we were excited to go to them for once! (How cute are these girls???)


Their beautiful home in Marlton was not our final destination however.  No, we had big plans for the weekend that included Atlantic City and the American Idol concert.  The tickets were a belated birthday gift to me.  I’ve been a big fan of the show since the beginning, but have never considered going to the summer concert, that is, until Phil Phillips won. Huge fan!  And not ashamed to admit it!

So, we packed all seven of us into the Campagna minivan, dropped the dogs off at doggie day camp and were were on our way:  Atlantic City Bound!


We checked into the ultra hip Chelsea Hotel.  (Great pick Liz!)  And once Liz and Jeff’s wonderful babysitter, Allison, arrived we were off!  Dinner and drinks overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, then our first ride in a push chair down the Atlantic City Boardwalk!    These wicker carts are the best – and our driver/pusher earned his fee, allowing all four of us in the same push chair!  And not only that, he pushed us right up to the doors of the Boardwalk Hall.  Had the doors been a bit wider, he might have pushed us all the way to our seats!


Even though we brought the average age of concert goers up a bit, okay, maybe a lot, it was great!  And I’m so glad we did it.  Phil Phillips didn’t make his appearance until the very end, but I had read reviews that mentioned this.  Other highlights of the show?  Seeing the funny and delightful, Heejun and the powerhouse, Elise Testone.  She brought the house down with Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and then again with Adele’s “Rumor Has It.”  But in the end, it was Phil Phillips singing Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews and the American Idol original “Home” that we came to see and he did not disappoint!


While we weren’t in Atlantic City for a full 24 hours, it was a wonderful whirlwind.  The babies seemed to love it.  We took them all for a walk on the boardwalk on Saturday morning, after breakfast and a swim in the pool at the hotel.  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day!


We definitely weren’t having “island fever” but it was still an exciting adventure!  And huge thanks to our gracious hosts and tour guides, Liz & Jeff!

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