Rock, Paper, Scissors

So what if I told you I could buy all three within a block of our apartment and not just any old rock, not just any piece of paper or dull pair of scissors… I am talking about the best selection of these items. Ever.

It’s widely known that Manhattan is divided up into these districts (flower, fashion, diamond, meatpacking, etc…) but who knew there was a craft district?  This may be unofficial, but it’s super close to our apartment on West 18th and 19th streets between 5th and 8th Ave.

There’s Paper Presentation, A.I. Friedman and Print Icon, all of which sucked me in with their collections of brightly colored card stock, stationery, wrapping paper, and all of the crafting supplies your heart could desire!  Of these, Paper Presentation had to be my favorite!  It’s HUGE!  They were friendly and helpful too, which is always nice.


I have a few projects in the works…maybe the finished product will make an appearance here on our Island Hopping Blog!


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