The City Sprouse

A friend of mine  make that – a kindred spirit of mine just moved from Knoxville to Brooklyn.  Her name is Allison Sprouse, and we are very lucky to have each other during this time of flux (for me) and transition (for her.)

She and her husband, Matt, have two beautiful girls – Sophie, 5 and Hazel, 3.  They just loved playing with Anna Drake during our first visit to Brooklyn yesterday.  Aren’t they precious?


I navigated the subway with Anna Drake + stroller and took the 20 minute subway ride to the 7th Avenue stop in Park Slope.  This feat, I cannot gloss over.  I started on the A,C,E train around the corner from our apartment, so that I could take an elevator down to the platform. That part was a breeze.

My plan was to switch to the F train at Washington Square because this changeover has an elevator.  Just because it has an elevator, doesn’t mean it’s operational.  Since it was “out of order,” I had to take two flights of stairs to get down to the F platform.  What does this entail???  I have to put Anna Drake in the Baby Bjorn, and break down the stroller to a point where I can carry it.  Don’t forget to throw in the diaper bag and two umbrellas!

Once I arrived at 7th Avenue, three flights of stairs awaited me.  Yes, I was a hot sweaty mess after all of that.  Fortunately, the Sprouse family lives on the same block as the subway stop, so it wasn’t a far walk.  They are in a beautiful building in Park Slope just across from Prospect Park.  They, too, are blogging their journey in New York over at The City Sprouse.  Check it out!

We had a great visit, which included lunch at Dizzy’s and a stroll through Prospect Park.  The playground was packed with children, nannies, moms and dads.  This was, after all, the last day of summer vacation for most of them.  By 3 o’clock, it was time for naps and Anna Drake was lulled to sleep by the subway ride back to Chelsea, where Michael met me on the platform to help carry up the stroller.  This momma is not afraid to admit when she needs HELP!

It was completely worth it though!  This is the first of many play dates for both the kids and their mommas!

2 responses to “The City Sprouse

  1. Amelia, I know the feeling about the working subway elevators! Last time I was in NY the F train was out of order! I hope it hasn’t been broken all this time! I don’t know how the city wheelers (of all kinds and sorts!) do it! Ha! I hope you’re having a blast. xoxoxo

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