Familiar Faces

One of the perks of living in a place like NYC is that friends from all parts of our life pass through the city, whether here for work or pleasure.  And in the case of the Peddrick’s it was for the US Open.  It is wonderful to see a familiar face in the Big Apple.  We met up with Parrish and Jonathan for Labor Day brunch at the Standard Grill.


Parrish and Jonathan, who live in North Carolina, have a baby girl too, so we made sure to have our babysitter Jamie bring Anna Drake by at the end of the meal.  I think Anna Drake was a bit confused to see us out and about, but she was so sweet and gave Parrish a cuddle.  And for those who know Anna Drake, this is not the norm.  She’s usually too wound up to lay her head down on your chest!  It was just what Parrish needed after being away from her 9-month old Thompson.  After brunch, we put Parrish and Jonathan in a cab and off to the airport they went!  Such sweet friends!

And just last week, Anna Drake and I headed to the Coffee Shop at Union Square to meet my dear friend Alyson before she headed off to the airport.  It was so good to see her and give her a download of our time in NYC so far.  While Alyson lives in Knoxville, TN now, she grew up in New York in Westchester so she’s a wealth of information.


And just the second week we were here, we met up with the Seamans; Leigh and Matt are also Knoxville friends.  They suggested having lunch at the Tipsy Parson in our neighborhood.  It was a delicious Southern meal with a cozy library feel.  After the fact, I found out from a friend that a Gator Grad (like me) is the executive chef there!  Small world!


We have more familiar faces to see – including some friends who recently relocated from Knoxville to Brooklyn and another Tennessee friend who’s been living in the city for a few years.  And the weekend after next, we’ll be reuniting with some friends all the way from the BVI!  Fun!

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