All Quiet on Set

Have you seen the HBO Series Girls?  We haven’t seen it on television, but we saw it in person.  We were strolling down Perry Street in the Village yesterday when we happened upon the set of the hit TV show.

Anna Drake was mesmerized by the crew as they walked by with their huge cameras and lenses.  A few of them stopped by to talk to Anna Drake and coax a smile out of her.

We didn’t realize it when we first started on our stroll down Perry that we were on a famous street, but sure enough there it was:  Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex & the City.

There was a chain at the bottom of the stairs and a sign asking people to respect the privacy of the tenants.  After seeing it in person, I just had to google images of show.  And sure enough, here she is!

Apparently, there’s been some drama in the neighborhood about the tourist attraction that is this apartment…  Check out this article.

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