City Conveniences

At the risk of sounding lazy, I have to say I’m loving the conveniences of city life… Of course there are plenty of things that are inconvenient, but the glass-half-full in me wants to focus on the good stuff!

Need your laundry done? Just call the laundromat across the street and they’ll come to your door and pick up it up. By 7pm that night, it’ll be back in the laundry bag, washed and folded for you!


Having your groceries delivered is also nice too. We’ve done this two ways… We’ve shopped at the nearby Whole Foods and at check-out, we’ve elected to have the groceries delivered. This costs $4.99. It’s especially nice when you want to stock up on big items and it’s not feasible to carry them 5 blocks home.

For the same price, will deliver your groceries that you buy online. I was a bit more skeptical of this route, but we tried it yesterday and everything arrived as we ordered it! The bananas are far from ripe, but that’s good! Better than being brown and bruised.

While it’s not sexy, I have to say the subway is very convenient. We live right around the corner from a few of the lines and we’ve used it more than I thought we would. This is in part because taking a taxi requires using a car seat if Anna Drake is with us, and most of the time, she is. We have a conversion kit for our stroller so the car seat pops right on the top, but changing it out can be a hassle especially if you’re in a hurry.

What else? Oh, the ever-present Duane Reade pharmacy! There is one on every block it seems! I looked it up and that’s not too far from the truth. There are more than 250 stores in New York City. The only thing Duane Reades don’t have??? Public restrooms!

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