Neighborhood Eats

We have been trying new restaurants in our neighborhood each day, and sometimes twice daily! That’s either a testament to how much Chelsea has to offer, or just how small the kitchen in our apartment is. Let’s go with the former, although the kitchen is pretty small…

In an effort for brevity – admittedly not my strong suit – here’s a round-up post of sorts.


Our first stop is Westville on W. 18th. Known for brunch and lunch, this small restaurant is friendly, bright, but off-beat and cool. The menu may seem limited at first, until you check out the photo-copied page of hand-written specials with more than 30 offerings. We started off with some cocktails. It was Sunday Brunch after all. I went with a prosecco, mint, lemonade. I was surprised when it arrived in a frozen form. It was very refreshing.

One of our favorites from the expansive list of sides were the sweet potato fries + chipolte aoili. Our waitress said it was akin to “crack” and I understand what she means. Michael loved his turkey burger, made from what tasted like Thanksgiving turkey. I had the Cobb salad and it too was delicious.

Anna Drake was comfortable in the booster seat Westville provided too, which we’re finding isn’t always a sure thing at restaurants in NYC. Some restaurants don’t have high chairs, which can be a deal breaker if we can’t use our own Phil & Ted’s seat.

Apparently, we aren’t the only ones who love Westville. They’re expanding to a fourth Manhattan location!

BEST SINGLE MENU ITEM: Truffle Fries at Elmo

Another popular brunch spot in our neighborhood is Elmo on 7th Ave (yes, like the Sesame Street character.) Not only did this restaurant have a DJ and a disco ball, they had scrumptious truffle fries.  They were so good, I didn’t think to snap a photo before gobbling them up!  That was the highlight of the meal pretty much. Oh yeah, and the cocktails. What more do you need for brunch?



One of our best outdoor experiences was at the classic French cafe, Le Granne on 9th Ave. While we didn’t order the mussels, they were beautifully presented in an old tomato red Le Creuset pot to a neighboring table. (Next time! Only if we were going to restaurants more than once. Sigh.) Michael had the croque monsiuer, while I went with the tomato bisque and chicken risotto. All of it was wonderful, but more than anything, Anna Drake loved the people watching. She turned herself right around in the high chair!


For a snack on a rainy day, we went to the Milk Bar in the Chelsea Market. Michael was craving the classic cookies and milk.  This restaurant rates high on the kid-friendly scale.  They even provide high chairs with trays!  And Anna Drake loved looking at the menu – must be all those bold colors.


We’ll keep these restaurant round-ups coming, including restaurants outside of our neighborhood.  Best places to spot celebrities and where to find the best guacamole are just a few of the categories in the works.

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