Hester Nights

We’ve been very fortunate to have found a wonderful babysitter here in Manhattan. Her name is Jamie and Anna Drake is a big fan! We are too. She works for a reputable daycare or “children enrichment center” as they call it in Manhattan. (No joke!) We found her through Care.com. Some friends of mine have used this service with much success, so we thought we’d give it a try.

We received nearly 100 applications, and narrowed it down to a “top ten.” After phone interviews, we selected the final few to meet in person. Jamie lives in Chelsea like us which means we can use her more frequently for a few hours at a time.

On Thursday, we headed out for a date night with no real plans. Michael had been so busy with work and me with Anna Drake, that it had honestly just slipped our minds. But it really isn’t that big of a deal when you’re in a city like Manhattan. There’s always something going on.

We chose Hester Nights, which is a weekday version of a popular and long-running street fair. The Saturday fair is held in the Lower East Side, but for the Thursday night event, they move the party up to W. 29th Street and 6th Ave. Some of the best food trucks turn out for Hester Nights and with the temperature coming in at a nice, breezy 76 degrees, it was a perfect date night!

We enjoyed the gourmet mac ‘n cheese, some chicken and fish tacos, a sweet potato grilled cheese thingy, and for dessert? Salted caramel ice cream and for Michael, a mojito-inspired snow cone.


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