Rock You Like a Hurricane

Hurricane Isaac may have its sights set on the Gulf Coast, but it’s finished with the Virgin Islands – thank goodness!  Here’s a photo of Tortola’s west end and the road that leads into town.  You can see it took a beating, but this is pretty much the worst of the damage.

I’ve checked in with friends on island and they tell me that Isaac was mainly a wind event that knocked out power to some areas.  That’s really the worst part about hurricane season…  Living without power for the hot and sticky days following the storm.  That’s exactly why we are glad to be off island during this time.  We survived a Category 4 during our first hurricane season on Tortola – Hurricane Earl.  No fun.

Of course NYC isn’t immune to hurricanes…  Remember Irene last year?  Let’s hope nothing like that occurs while we’re here!

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