Wonder Woman

Have you ever walked into a retail store and felt like you were walking into a dream?  Have you ever felt that each and every item in that store was created with you in mind?  That’s the feeling I had when I walked into C. Wonder in SOHO.  The home goods section in the back of the store reminded me so much of my own living room in our house in the British Virgin Islands (a superior version of course, but similar to our modest space nonetheless.)  The orange and blue decor, the blue and white pottery, the applique pillows, green accents…just need to get my hands on that blue and white wallpaper!



C. Wonder also offers a full line of clothing, accessories and handbags and totes.  And you can make these items “one of a kind” with a little bit of colorful thread:



I left with a pair of citron crop jeans.  I really wanted to get them monogrammed (for $10 more) but they would only monogram them on the back pocket, and I wanted a monogram on the back of the jeans, but down at the bottom, just above of the hem on the outer side.  I begged, but they wouldn’t do it.  😦

Here’s a wide shot of the store on Spring Street. Gorgeous!!!


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