The Apartment

Finding an apartment in Manhattan can be challenging to say the least.

Throw in a short-term lease, a baby, a dog and the criteria starts to compound. Our conversations with brokers went something like this…

Me: Hiya! We need a furnished 1 or 2 bedroom that’s not only pet-friendly, but is also non-smoking. Oh, and can we get that on a lower floor, or better yet, in an elevator building? And we’d like to be in Chelsea between 7th and 9th, above 15th and lower than 23rd. Thanks! 🙂

Broker: Silence.

I get it. We were looking for a needle in a haystack. But, with some persistence and help from a broker named Lina, we found it. We looked at hundreds of apartments online, and went to five showings. We considered using Furnished Quarters – a company that specializes in short-term leases, but in the end we could get more square footage with a smaller company that represented a smaller group of individual owners.

After spending the first 10 days in the two bedroom, 3rd floor walk-up in Chelsea that Michael found on Craigslist, the elevator kept inching higher and higher on the list. Carrying a baby, diaper bag, car seat or stroller parts down four flights of stairs each and every time you want to leave the apartment can take it out of you. And as soon as we got back to the apartment, Milly needed to go out. Not fun.

Once we found the apartment that checked all of the boxes, we moved quickly to secure it. The 4-page application required a lot of us: tax returns, references, proof of employment, deposit, pet fee etc… With no hiccups we were approved within 48 hours.

We moved out of our 3rd floor walk-up with just minutes to spare before the next tenants arrived. Literally we were standing on the stoop wondering how we were going to get a cab in the rain, when up pulled an SUV. The car service was dropping off a Turkish family who was staying in our apartment for two weeks, while the daughter started her freshman year at the New School. We struck a deal with the driver, and as soon as he unloaded their luggage, he picked up our bags and put them in the back. We could not have planned it any better!

Taking the elevator up to the 10th floor of our new building was pure bliss. We savored every second.

Here’s a peek into Anna Drake’s bedroom which also serves as a home office:

One of the best features of our new digs is the view:
Yep, that’s the Empire State Building in the center.

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