Michael and I love Mexican food.  And it is one of the main things we miss when we’re on Tortola.  So we better get our fix while we’re here!  And we may have found one of the coolest Mexican restaurants in all of Manhattan. It’s called Tacombi and it’s in the equally amazing SOHO.  It’s gritty and no fuss, but high on the hip factor.

One of the neat features about this restaurant is the functional taco van that’s parked in the middle of the restaurant.   There’s a real kitchen in the back, but we sat right next to this cool car and watched our tacos being made.  Anna Drake loved the atmosphere.


The guacamole was to die for – a bit too spicy for Anna Drake, but we gobbled it up.  We split an order of three tacos – one crispy fish, one chicken, and one pulled pork.  The tacos are meant for sharing – they even come with an extra tortilla underneath each one.  You just slide the toppings over onto the second tortilla and voila!  Three tacos become six!  Not sure which one was my favorite; they were all so good.


We’re going to have  a hard time not going back to Tacombi.  Maybe we can just track down the restaurant’s tiny “tacobike” that parks in the Chelsea Market, which is just right around the corner from us!

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