Consider it Chop’t

We have a rule when it comes to restaurants in New York.  I wouldn’t say this rule is steadfast, but rather a goal – something for which to aim.  And that rule is this:  Eat nowhere twice.  Here’s the reasoning…

New York has so many phenomenal restaurants to choose from, why should we limit ourselves to a handful of places that we’ve already tried?  Who knows what we could be missing?  And since we’re only here for a relatively short time, we might just be able to do it!

So far, we’ve only broken this rule once, and it wasn’t so we could revisit a 5-star restaurant, but rather a fast-casual salad company.  It was just too yummy and too convenient to pass up.  It’s called Chop’t.  It’s located on the south side of Madison Square Park in the Flat Iron District at 23rd and 5th.

They take salad making to the next level, by putting all of your ingredients under the knife.  After combining all of your ingredients in a salad bowl, they dump the contents of the bowl onto a cutting board and chop it.  And chop it again.  And again.  Back into a bowl go the ingredients and they swirl in the salad dressing to perfection.


One of the big surprises at Chop’t was the Boylan Fountain Soda!  While I’m a Coca-cola Classic kind of girl, I tried it and liked it!

There are a few other locations in Manhattan and in Washington D.C. too.

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