A True Sister Act

With only one night left of Whitney’s NYC trip, we knew we had to do something big and flashy! And nothing says big and flashy like Times Square and Broadway.


Michael not only offered to watch Anna Drake (solo) that night, but since he was working in Midtown that day he graciously stopped off at the TKTS booth and got us two tickets to Sister Act.

By 6:15 pm we were in a cab on our way to Agnus McIndoe – a restaurant that gonyc.com recommended for “pre-Broadway show dinners.”


Dinner was great, and it certainly was speedy.  The waitress asked us what show we were going to see and made sure to bring our bill as soon as we were finished eating.  A few crowded blocks later, we got to the Broadway Theatre and took our seats.  Raven-Simone from The Cosby Show had the starring role.  She has a great voice and held her own with some Broadway heavyweights in the cast.  It’s a funny show and had us clapping and dancing by the end.


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