Picnic in the Park

Three days into our first week in Manhattan, we put the apartment search on hold for an afternoon.  We needed a break and we were determined to get to Central Park to enjoy a picnic!

Michael had work to do, so Whitney and I took Anna Drake underground for a ride on the subway.  Navigating the subway with a stroller can be challenging but there are elevators – not at all the stops, but there is one at the stop closest to us (14th and 8th).

Once we were uptown, we stopped off at Citarella at 75th and 3rd and picked up our picnic supplies.  Citarella has a great selection of cheeses (we went with manchego) along with some prepared sandwiches, dips, pastas, etc…

20120821-194522.jpgYou may notice one rather important item missing from the above photo…  Yep, that would be the blanket.  In our rush to leave the apartment I forgot it.  (Next time!)  We made do and it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

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