Always Listen to Your Crossing Guard

This won’t just keep you safe on the streets of New York, but listening to your crossing guard may also lead you to a yummy restaurant.  That’s if you ask politely of course!


We were out and about on this particular morning to view a possible apartment on 29th and 9th.  (We didn’t end up going with this unit – too far north.)  On our way back to the heart of Chelsea, our stomachs started rumbling.  We were hungry for breakfast – a full, coffee-orange juice-fresh fruit-pancakes-eggs-bacon kind of breakfast.  And this wonderful crossing guard had the answer!

Moonstruck at the corner of 23rd and 9th.  Not only did she make the recommendation, she led us there and even told the cabbie who was encroaching on her crosswalk to back off.  “Whaddya doin?  waaaaatch it!” she shouted out.  (See?  I told you New Yorkers were nice!)


Anna Drake loved the cantaloupe and the pancakes.  The decor hasn’t changed since the mid-80’s, but it adds to its New York City diner charm.


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