Getting here…

After spending a few weeks in Tennessee visiting friends and family, we flew out of Knoxville early on Monday morning.   Not only did we have Anna Drake with us, but Milly too.  Here they are in the back of the car on the way to the airport.

My sister, Whitney flew up for the first week of our New York adventure!  And we couldn’t have done it without her.  Even though Anna Drake is such good flyer, it’s so nice to have a third lap on the plane!  We counted and the TYS >> DCA >> LGA were Anna Drake’s 14th & 15th flights.


There was noooooooooo way all of our luggage, plus car seat, stroller, dog, etc would fit in a regular taxi, so we had an SUV pick us up from the airport.

So, where were we headed?  To a 2-bedroom apartment in a 3rd floor walk-up in Chelsea – a pre-war building and all that it entails.  A big wide marble staircase (no elevator of course) and window air conditioning units.  Here’s Michael on the steps of the new place.


And here’s a peak inside:

We committed to staying in this furnished sublet for one week, in hopes of finding our longer-term apartment.  That proved to be one of the biggest challenges…ever.  Maybe even more challenging than moving to the British Virgin Islands.   There is definitely more to come on the hunt for a short-term, furnished, baby- and pet-friendly place in Chelsea!

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