The Great Island Swap

Our little family is swapping one island for another…  And the two couldn’t be more different.  For the last three years, the Caribbean island of Tortola – population 23,000 – has been home for us.  And for the next few months, we’ll make it in Manhattan – population 1.6 million.  (And if that number looks small, you may be more familiar with the number of all of the people in New York City which is 8.4 million.  But for the purposes of our Island Hopping Blog, we’ll stick with Manhattan stats).

The two islands are more geographically similar, Tortola being 21 square miles and Manhattan just a little bit bigger at 23 square miles.  And to get to know our new island, one of the first things we did upon arrival was take the Circle Line – a massive ferry that “circles” the island in a three hour tour.  (No joke!  It is exactly three hours long!)

We don’t plan on behaving like tourists the entire time we’re here, but we wanted to get acquainted with our new surroundings and according to the book – The Best Things to Do in New York, 1001 Ideas – the Circle Line is a “must do.”

So, where are we living?  How are we finding city life?  What does Anna Drake, our 9-month old think of the city?  And what does the city think of her?  What about childcare?  Don’t we have a dog – is Milly there?  We’ll seek to answer all of these questions and more!

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